Let’s share creativity! From learning to draw a flower scooter to the basics of drawing houseportraits to a fun typical dutch windmill tutorial. Find an online course that suits you and start today.

NL// De website zal op dinsdagmorgen even offline zijn voor onderhoud! Bedankt voor je begrip ♥ 

8 Months Access

After every course registration you have access for at least 8 months. Enough time to get started! The default access setting is lifetime access but a course can be removed after reaching the 8 months access limit.

Be Inspired

Regardless of your experience (beginner or advanced) the ckreative academy courses are a great opportunity to get in touch with your creativity.

Fun & easy

Carla shares her tips & tricks to give you the skills to create new things. Working on your creative skills is simply having fun. You will be amazed by your own results. Give it a try!

Be inspired to create!


EN// Carla Kamphuis (MSc) is a multi-talented creative designer, lettering artist, architect and author. She works with major creative brands. You will learn from te best, Carla designs and draws her whole professional life. She has given countless workshops, classes and courses.

NL// Carla Kamphuis (ir.) is een multi-getalenteerde creatieve ontwerper, lettering artist, architect en auteur. Ze werkt met grote creatieve merken. Je leert van de beste, Carla ontwerpt en tekent haar hele professionele leven. Ze heeft talloze workshops, lessen en cursussen gegeven.


Share your results on social media with #houseportraits_ck. I love to see your beautiful work and it’s inspiring for other students!

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