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For my work as an architect I draw and sketch a lot, especially geomatric floor plans and realistic facades. But how fun is it to draw beautiful houses and buildings where not everything is perfectly in proportion. Sketches that do not have to correspond exactly with reality and where a crooked line is beautiful. I call those drawings ‘houseportraits’. And in my online course I’m going to teach you how to!


“Drawing houseportraits is not difficult at all. I think at it as Urban Sketching light! Can you draw a rectangle and a circle? Then you can also draw a houseportrait!”


Draw along with me! During our travels we visit the most beautiful places. How nice is it to be able to capture those memories on paper or in your sketchbook. In this course I will teach you how to. Each houseportrait has approximately 1 hour of video material. You can draw with me, because the videos are pre-recorded you can pause whenever you want if it goes too fast. You can watch the videos at your leisure and at your own pace. If you like to draw digitally in ProCreate on your iPad, these lessons are also ideal. We are going to have fun drawing!



The houseportraits  Let’s travel! courses stand on its own. You do not need to have attended any of my previous courses. And if you’re not sure whether it’s for you, watch the free video ‘I can’t draw!’. The course is for both the beginner and the advanced artist. The beginner may want to rewatch a part of the videos now and then or recreate a sketch. And the advanced can draw with me and will probably benefit from all the tips I give while drawing.


“Do you draw along with me?”


In principle, you can already participate with a pencil and a sheet of paper. If you want to work with the same materials I use, I advise you to take a look at the ‘Presentation of materials’ beforehand the course.

You will guaranteed to be addicted to drawing ‘houseportraits’ after this course. It certainly doesn’t stop at these three travel destinations! Are you curious about the work of other enthusiastic participants, check the hashtag #houseportraits_ck on Instagram.


Important and good to know:
• The name of the course has changed. It was named Houseportraits: Summer course 2021.
• The course is completely online. The videos have been recorded before.
• After your registration you can start RIGHT AWAY. How fun is that!
• You follow the course at your own pace. At ckreativeacademy you have 24/7 access to the videos.
• You decide when you want to register. There is no registration stop!
• After your registration you have 4 months access to the summer course.
• You will not receive any feedback from me during the course.
• You can also draw in ProCreate, but this is not a ProCreate course.
• The course is in English.


Do you want to draw and learn more? In autumn/winter 2021 I will start with the Houseportraits: Basic course and at the end of October 2021 my new book will be published: Huisportretjes tekenen | In Holland staat een huis. It is written in Dutch and will be available in (online) stores in the Netherlands and Belgium.

About the instructor

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Carla Kamphuis

Carla Kamphuis (MSc) is a multi-talented creative designer, lettering artist, architect and author. She works with major creative brands. You will learn from te best, Carla designs and draws her whole professional life. She has given countless workshops, classes and courses.

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Course Curriculum

Houseportraits: Let’s travel! FREE 00:02:00
Presentation of materials FREE 00:01:00
I can’t draw! FREE TRIAL LESSON FREE 00:13:00
Welcome 00:01:00
Drawing tips 00:10:00
Drawing advice 00:01:00
M0 Reference 00:02:00
M1 Sketch with pencil 00:15:00
M2 Draw with pen 00:18:00
M3 Color! TIP 00:02:00
M3 Color! 00:20:00
M4 Result 00:01:00
I0 Reference 00:02:00
I1 Sketch with pencil 00:19:00
I2 Draw with pen 00:22:00
I3 Color! 00:32:00
I4 Result 00:01:00
C0 Reference 00:02:00
C1 Sketch with pencil 00:28:00
C2 Draw with pen 00:30:00
C3 Color! 00:24:00
C3 Color! Extra 00:04:00
C4 Result 00:01:00
EN// Disclaimer FREE 00:00:00

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  1. A marvelous course


    Carla is an excellent teacher. I have taken several of her courses in the past and I keep coming back for more. She never disappoints!
    In this wonderful summer course, she takes us to three different destinations. Even though the houses look difficult to begin with, it is easy to follow Carla’s example and draw along thanks to her detailed explanations and many wonderful tips. It does help, of course, that you can also pause the video at any time and catch up with details you might have missed.
    Carla’s courses are truly inspirational, and I wholeheartedly recommend this summer course to both beginners and experienced sketchers alike.

  2. House Portraits


    I am following along with the House Portrait course . It’s is very easy to watch and great fun making these little but complex sketches . Carla is very clear in her instructions and the video content is excellent.
    I am making my sketches on my iPad using Procreate at the moment but might go back and redo the course on paper too ! Thanks for making an English version Carla 😊
    Tracy Alford

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